Penetration Testing

Benefits of Penetration Testing With Us: 

Cyber Security Facts & Statistics

Penetration Test vs Vulnerability Test

A vulnerability assessment essentially just tells the customer that the door is unlocked; however, a penetration test actually tells the customer that, because the door is unlocked, we found an unlocked safe, unsecured jewelry, credit cards, and social security numbers laying around on the bed. It also explains how you could secure the door next time, how to protect the confidential data laying around on the bed, and then some.

What a Vulnerability Test will find:

What a Penetration Test will find:

Scope and Methodology

GTG Network provides the ability for organizations to perform a variety of security assessments, including vulnerability assessments as well as penetration tests. 

External Network Penetration Test

The internal and external testing phases are similar in many ways, with the exception of leveraging Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT). These assessments take a comprehensive approach to identifying security vulnerabilities which expose systems and services to potential threats. To accomplish this goal, our consultants leverage a number of resources and techniques to identify, enumerate, and exploit the targeted systems. The following components are included in this phase:

External Network Vulnerability Assessment

Internal Network Penetration Test

Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Analysis – The only process performed during an external vulnerability network assessment is a vulnerability analysis. This includes performing a vulnerability scan across all systems that are accessible via the internal network environment using a database of known vulnerabilities. All vulnerabilities discovered during this process use the severity rankings and other data extracted from the vulnerability scanner. We do not attempt to manipulate any severity rankings or any information produced by the vulnerability scanner.