Norvet MSP Joins eCommunityFiber

eCommunity™ Fiber adds Norvet MSP to its Open Access Network as part of its SMB Service Strategy


JONESBORO, GEORGIA –  eCommunity™ Fiber, a leader in expanding high-speed fiber internet to underserved areas, is excited to announce a new partnership with Norvet MSP, a Georgia-based managed service provider. This strategic collaboration aims to significantly broaden Norvet’s customer reach into Clayton County, enabling them to augment their comprehensive IT, cloud and managed services with internet access services.

Founded by industry expert Gregory Rivers in 2023, Norvet MSP has rapidly established itself as a leader in IT and cybersecurity solutions, catering to the essential needs of businesses in Fulton, DeKalb, and Worth counties. Specializing in comprehensive services for finance companies, manufacturers, and medical facilities, Norvet MSP leverages cutting-edge technology and personalized service to ensure its clients’ operations are efficient and secure. With a deep commitment to excellence and innovation, the organization is dedicated to enhancing the digital infrastructure of small to medium-sized businesses across these vital sectors. Partnering with eCommunity™ Fiber positions Norvet MSP to offer its expert services to an expanded audience by utilizing eCommunity’s extensive, open-access fiber network for superior internet connectivity.

Rivers expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with eCommunity™ Fiber, saying, “This collaboration marks a significant expansion for Norvet MSP, enabling us to offer comprehensive internet services alongside our IT solutions. We’re excited to bring our personalized services to Clayton County businesses, aiming to improve their internet connectivity and operational efficiency. It enhances our ability to meet the unique needs of local businesses looking for reliable internet options.”

Keith Quarles Jr., President and CFO of eCommunity Fiber commented, “Our partnership with Norvet MSP reflects our core values of innovation and inclusivity at eCommunity™. By integrating Norvet into our network, we are diversifying the service options available to Clayton County and contributing to a more varied and competitive telecommunications landscape. This collaboration is a step towards disrupting the traditional market dynamics, providing benefits for service providers and users alike.”

The collaboration between eCommunity™ Fiber and Norvet MSP represents not only a significant benefit for businesses in Clayton County but also marks a notable development in the telecommunications sector. Through eCommunity’s open-access network, seasoned tech companies and MSPs like Norvet can establish their presence in a market traditionally dominated by large multinational corporations.

The partnership underscores the advantages of open-access fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) over traditional fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) setups. While FTTH has revolutionized internet connectivity for residential buildings, FTTP extends this innovation to businesses and institutions, offering them the highest quality fiber connections and eliminating the limitations associated with older copper cables.

About eCommunity™ Fiber

eCommunity™ Fiber is at the forefront of community transformation, providing essential high-speed fiber cable integration for internet access in underserved regions. Its pioneering open-access model facilitates the construction, ownership, and management of fiber networks that connect residents and businesses to a wide range of service providers, ensuring greater choice, superior service, and competitive costs.

About Norvet MSP

As your dedicated business technology partner, Norvet MSP excels in delivering customized managed IT services that align with the specific operational requirements of businesses. From technology consulting and IT compliance to risk assessment and specialized IT recruitment, Norvet MSP’s expert team ensures continuous, secure, and industry-compliant business operations across various sectors.